Good Parenting is like Good Branding

We had family staying with us this past week. My wife’s sister and brother-in-law from Canada. They have 2 small toddlers that evoked memories of our children many years ago.

You can imagine how difficult it is for 2 separate families of 4 to live in 1 house. But we (the adults) see parenting the same way; and their kids were so well-behaved, they brought joy rather than chaos to the 7 days.

When kids get tired the stress levels grow. So bedtimes demonstrated their good parenting skills. It also reminds me of good branding.

It’s all about consistency.

I’m always curious why clients want to “change things up”. Their stories are similar. They’ve become bored with the “usual” and they think it’s not working anymore.

I guess it’s like children. They want to do something different at bedtime. Not the usual. Stay up later and become stimulated with something new and different.

Good parents know, that this leads to out-of-control kids. Whining, crying, complaining. They take longer going to sleep and the parents reap the “penalty” of breaking the rituals.

What’s best? Stay the course. Each evening our guests would prepare their kids; allowing them to wind down, take a relaxing and fun bath, say goodnight (or blow kisses), get a drink of water, climb into bed, read a story with Mom or Dad, and then quietness.

This schedule can happen as easily in North Carolina as it can in New Brunswick. Which makes for happy kids (and parents!)

Your branding is the same. Whether in print or online, you need to control the experience so your audience isn’t surprised.

Comfort comes through repetition.
Rituals allow processes to become easier.
Consistency creates brand loyalty.

And ultimately, it leads to harmony.

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