Happy Irony Day.

Today we celebrate Labor Day. By not working. What an irony!

The one thing I hear from the businesses we work with (as well as from my own experience from running PCG); is that it’s a lot of hard work.And that’s an understatement. Especially in these hard economic times.

What are the steps to a successful business?

  1. Have a great idea for a product and service (that doesn’t have much competition).
  2. Have enough audience that is willing to pay enough to get that product or service.
  3. Have the ability to work the long, tireless, thankless, hours that are required to get it off the ground (and then to sustain it!)
  4. Oh, and enough money to sustain yourself (and a good marketing plan) as well as anyone else who’s committed to your success while you wait (and wait) for enough cash to come in on a regular basis to provide.

I know this is simplistic. But if you have these 4 things, you can have a wildly successful company. If you don’t have one of them?

Don’t start a business!

Instead, enjoy what you’re doing right now; working for someone else; with little risk. You’ll have a good fulfilling life.

But for you who have figured out the “start my own business” route? Rest today. But get back to work soon. Keep doing it right. And if we can help in any way, we’d like that. You can contact me directly via this form.

If you do it well, you’ll reap the fulling rewards of controlling something that’s bigger than you; helping customers ; and even occasionally working your own schedule. Right now, I’d never want to trade it for anything. Celebrate. It’s Labor day. This day’s for you.

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