Imagine An Expert Mentoring You – Atlanta

I recently heard a story about a very successful business man who wanted to help the next generation. He decided that once a year he would spend an afternoon with a promising (rising) person who was just entering the field. One ground rule:

You can ask any question as long as you accept the honest answer. No matter how much it hurts.

There have been times in my life that I wish I had the ear of an expert in my field (even now!). I’ve been very thankful for the mentors I’ve been blessed to know (especially those who are completely honest). So now I try to mentor as many people as possible so that I can influence those with less experience. That’s why I accepted this upcoming opportunity!

Introducing: Certification Lab (presented by the Center for Church Communications — CFCC; you know… home of the Church Marketing Sucks blog)

YOU have the opportunity to learn, listen, and be mentored by some of us that have years of experience in Church Communications. This is so exciting!


  • Select audience limited to 50 participants!
  • Interactive conversation with practical application and answers
  • Peer Network Development
  • Ongoing Conversation with experienced lab speakers
  • Private Facebook group for further collaboration with peers

Speakers include: Gerry True (@gerrytrue) Stephen Brewster (@b_rewster) Phil Bowdle (@philbowdle), Kelley Hartnett (@kelleyhartnett) and me, Mark MacDonald (@markmac1023)

When: June 9-10, 2013
Where: West Ridge Church, Atlanta, GA

Find more info at: — I truly hope to see you there! Feel free to contact me if you have any questions. Special rates until Easter!

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