Inauguration Day

On Tuesday, the United States will experience Inauguration Day. It’s a special day that only occurs every four years, but it seems like it’s longer this time. I guess because the election period was extended for such a long time. But then again, four years is a long time!

The day (January 20) as I understand it (this is our third since we came to the US), is made up of the current President leaving and the new President-Elect, with the few words of the oath of office at noon, takes the helm of one of the most powerful countries in the world. Then there is “Hail to the Chief” played and an address given by the new President that sets the tone for their presidency. Usually, there are 2 prayers that happen during the ceremony. And it all finishes with an extended five-day party of celebration (I should also mention that there’s normally a five-day party preceding Inauguration Day too).

This year we look forward to the first African American President taking office. He’s promised change and new hope for us. He enters the White House at a low time in the economic cycle, and we’ll be able to see how he tackles it differently from the last administration. I guess that’s the change we’ve been promised. This Inauguration is estimated to cost 150 Million Dollars this year. The majority of this is picked up by you and me. The taxpayer.

So how is this pertinent to business owners? Except for the obvious business climate changes that will come…

Well, I think this is a good time to take a look at your business and take the “oath of office” all over again.

This isn’t something to do easily. Take 5 days before your “Inauguration Day” and party with your employees and clients. I don’t mean literally (of course you can do that too if you want), but instead, contact them and celebrate victories of the past, how you’ve helped them, and how they’ve helped you. Thank them for “voting” to use you. Use this time to listen to them and hear what they say.

When your Inauguration Day arrives, remember to include prayer and an oath.

Prayer, because we all need to recognize God’s role. But an oath? Absolutely!

What will it contain? I would start with how you will be held responsible for the satisfaction of your clients and employees. And responsible for success and failure. That you will ultimately be the Entrepreneur. Not a technician or manager. An Entrepreneur that will dream big and share that vision so that others will want to follow you. That you will “to the best of your ability, preserve, protect, and defend” your vision, your values and your product or service.

Then share all this with your employees. Ask for their help. Share your dreams for the next year, or 3 years. Get emotional if that’s you.

Hail to the Chief is optional. But if you do this Day correctly, your clients and employees will sing your praises.

Then celebrate another 5 days. Take that time to listen to your core group. At the end of the partying, revise your plans, dreams, and goals as needed.

And then get to work! Just like we expect President Obama and his staff will. There’s a big job to be done.

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