Introducing Your New Certified Church Consultant

Be Known for Something (BKFS) announces that Mark MacDonald has successfully completed training to become a Certified Church Consultant (CCC). This national CCC program is designed to educate professionals in becoming church development experts in more than a dozen church growth areas. This curriculum is created by a national panel of experts in each of these respective fields. In addition to the course, candidates are required to submit a thesis recommending solutions for various church-related issues such as Demographics, Marketing, Masterplanning, Funding, etc. This certification, offered by the National Association of Church Design Builders (NACDB), requires that Consultants are re-certified every two years. The NACDB, based in Arlington, Texas, is a compilation of professional firms dedicated to providing trusted advice, products, and services to growing Churches and Ministries. Mark brings more than 20 years of marketing communications experience to this certification and BKFS. He adds this designation to several national and international creative awards. Mark has dedicated his life to helping the Church find its voice in the community, through branding, positioning, print materials, and website design. Find out how Be Known for Something (formerly PinPoint Creative) can help you; visit our website. Mark can be reached at Congratulations Mark!

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