Just do it.

I’m amazed at how many business people I talk to that are procrastinating. Work is a bit slow, so they’ve settled into “a little less work and a little more relaxing”. It’s a way to feel a bit better in between the worrying we’re all doing about this economy!

I’m amazed how much work I get done when I’m really busy.

So, let’s be honest. Have you enjoyed your summer? Have you spent a little extra time doing some fun stuff? Well, it’s time to get back to a busy schedule.

Not a lot of work coming in? Then you need to create some activity. Now’s the time to do it. Just do it!

What you ask? Here’s some lower-cost things that you can get started on that will increase business in the long run (and focus your attention):

  • Facebook Fanpage: Set one up and get used to posting to it. Then start having fun ways to get people to “like” your page. It’ll be a perfect way to communicate with potential customers. And it’s free!
  • Blog: Set up a branded blog where you talk about what you do best. Use good keywords and if possible, connect your blog with your website. I started blogging a few years ago and it’s now the #1 page that everyone visits.
  • Branding: Have you considered what your brand is? Even if you don’t know, your customer does. Now’s the time to determine what it is (benefit-based) and control your messages. Then let all your materials start to communicate in unison!
  • Website: Speaking of your website, you need to improve yours. Simplify. Develop better content. Add case studies or portfolios. Create a way to interact with people coming to it. Now’s the time.

And the list could go on and on. Just do it! Go ahead and start fresh today. It’s going to be a better year than last year!

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