Last Minute Easter Communication Checklist

The big day is arriving soon. Everyone is in a full court press. Leadership is making last minute adjustments and you’ve not worked so many hours… since last Easter.

So, what more needs to be done? You may be asking, “I have more things to do other than my crazy to-do list?!”. All church comm veterans know the answer is “yes”. If there’s time before an event, there’s still more that can be done. But let’s be strategic.

Here are 4 last minute Easter (or any large event) Communication tasks on your strategic checklist:

  1. Double-check website content. People in your community considering attending your Easter service (online even) will usually look at your website prior to a live stream (or live event). Many decide if they WILL attend (or watch) based on the content. Is there an easy way to discover times, location, and expectations? Can they see recent pictures of leadership? Can they understand what will happen before, during, and after the service? Are you going to ask them to register as a guest during the service? Consider asking them on the website first! Reward them for doing it: let them pick something up at the church or have it mailed (Tee, Mug, Chocolate, or let them choose). Oh, ensure website pictures establish what your campus looks like today (even if you’re online only)! Finally, proof. Don’t let sloppy typos keep people from questioning your quality.
  2. Review social media scheduled posts. People who are considering attending (or watching) need reassurance they’re making the right decision. Don’t bombard with promotion, instead let them peek behind the curtain so they get excited about what’s to come. Ensure your graphics are sharable so your followers can invite friends. Finally, make sure you are scheduling so posts are appearing when your followers are likely to be scrolling (use metrics or think about when your average follower may be bored — since that’s when they turn to social media).
  3. Consider a followup plan. Every person (congregation or community) that attends/watches needs to be part of a followup plan. What’s the easiest way to communicate to them? What would you say that would bring them back regularly? Often the followup plan starts on the big day with a service graphic or announcement. Then social media or email followup starts moments afterward. Finally, put yourself on the guest followup list so you experience it first hand!
  4. Pray and be thankful. Remember, we’re celebrating the resurrection! Breathe. You’re juggling so many things and may even be upset with the process. And it’s a crazy time since the COVID19 crisis! Don’t let any of it steal the joy of thankfulness. Spend quality time in prayer (maybe more than 5 minutes). God wants to hear your needs and heart. Finally, remember to thank Him for all He’s done in your life. It’ll change your perspective drastically. Oh, and wish someone a Happy Easter! Like I am for you.

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