Look Behind You For…

Have you ever set out on a hike and you’re in the front. You start down the path, wondering what’s around the corner. You break trail, you pull limbs back, and you discover what’s behind the brush. You’re having fun. You love leading the way.

You notice the wildlife and then you see something that makes you shiver.

You turn to the person in the group behind you and whisper something. And there’s no answer.

You glance over your shoulder and realize that no one’s there.

If you’re leading a group and no one is following; you’re simply out for a walk.

What does this mean?

  • You’re not a leader. Everyone doesn’t have “it”. A leader has charisma, the ability to have people follow. The guts to lead. And it has to be a perfect blend of those.
  • You need to slow down. Sometimes a leader travels to quickly. They blaze the trail too far out. Slow down and help the process sink into those around you. Share vision. Then take a step. Check to see if people are following. If not, share it better and try again.
  • You need to engage others. Leaders need to be interactive with their followers. Find out what they want and what you can give them. The more you engage, the more they’ll follow. Keyword: listen!

Ultimately, everyone’s not a leader. It’s not a bad thing — in fact, real leaders need great followers with vision. Who are you?

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