Mother's Day

Mother’s Day Ideas for your Church

Every church is looking for Mother’s Day ideas that honor Moms appropriately during their special church service on the second Sunday in May. It’s usually one of the most-attended services of the year!

It’s important though that we don’t overdo Mother’s Day services because there will be women present who struggle with infertility, a death of a child, along with others who wrestle with negative feelings towards their Mom. You don’t want to deify mothers, you simply want to honor them (Exodus 20:12, Ephesians 6:2-3). So, plan the emphasis accordingly; with emotion, gratitude, and purpose. It should inspire all Moms!

Also, Mother’s Day is a great reason for a family (that may not attend regularly) to come to church with their Mom. It gives every Mom or Grandma an excellent reason to invite her kids or grandkids!

Here are 7 Mother’s Day ideas for your church to try:

  1. Post meaningful Mother’s influence videos. Leading up to Mother’s Day, use your social media (or website) to post short videos highlighting how Moms influenced people. Perhaps a shareable story from a Pastor, deacon, or member. Use the videos to invite people to your Mother’s Day service!
  2. Highlight Mothers from the Bible. A Mother’s Day idea for the sermon? Why not discuss how mom’s in the Bible played crucial roles in many of the prominent bible stories. It may be fun to get volunteers to dramatize one of the stories! 
  3. Mother’s Day photo booth. Knowing Mom’s will be proud of their families and want to take advantage of this family day to get a picture, consider repurposing your Easter photo backdrop or creating a new Mother’s Day backdrop. Use their phones to take the pictures or have a selfie stick for them to use. Remember, it’s not about your backdrop, it’s about giving them a reason to take a picture that is worthy of a prominent space in a frame or on their social media. Get them to tag your church or use a hashtag when they post it (and be sure your church or Pastor likes or comments on each one).
  4. Highlight kids in the church service. Some churches have a women’s choir on this special day but you may want the women to sit back and enjoy kids singing to them. Every Mom loves to have their child highlighted plus it gives the children another way to honor their Moms or Grandmothers (and invite them if they don’t already attend).
  5. Give them a meal break. Instead of contributing to the restaurant rush after Mother’s Day service (when the family wants to treat their Mom), consider a potluck dinner for families. Or even better? Cater the meal so no one has to prepare and bring food (adding to the stress of the day).
  6. Say thank you. It sounds easy. Mother’s Day ideas don’t have to be complex! Take time in the service to show gratitude to the Mom’s and Grandmothers. Don’t call out people because of their age or amount of kids though. Instead, get kids to fill out thank you cards for their moms in Sunday School or Junior Church. Some churches even provide free cards on the bathroom vanity for the forgetful child. 
  7. Support a Mother’s community ministry. Consider highlighting a community ministry from the stage (get their director to share stories or show a short video) and take up a special offering to help them and the Moms they assist.
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