Moving Day Cometh

Well, we have one week left before we move to a new house. I can’t believe how many decisions we have to make this week. We’re finishing packing, changing utilities and buying materials that will help us renovate the “new” house. Then, next Saturday, it all happens. That is, after a day of seeing lawyers and signing mortgages. It’s a process that is overly complicated because of all the people involved, contracts, details — and their concern with possible lawsuits.

How’d we get this this point? Most of us have to do this (almost everyone will own a house in their lifetime), but yet, the process is almost impossible to have explained. And even then it’s not clear. We’ve been told many times “don’t worry, we just look after that — it’s kinda complicated.”

Hmmm. I don’t want to run my business this way. I want to have the heart of a teacher. It’s not that we tell our clients EVERYTHING that we’re doing — because, frankly, that would be awfully boring. Instead, I don’t ever want my clients to say that they don’t understand what we’re doing. They may not know the specific “how”, but they know definitely the “why”.

We pride ourselves in our simple process — and we love explaining it. Shouldn’t that be the way life is?

I often go into a restaurant and I’m greeted by someone who doesn’t like to talk. Smile. Or be friendly. I often wonder why they do what they do.

At PinPoint we LOVE what we do for our clients. I think it comes down to realizing how we dramatically improve the bottom line for our clients. It’s an investment (like a house is) that will pay off.

WOW. I need to get back to doing what I do best. I LOVE my career. And explaining what I do. Just ask!

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