Mud your Marketing Communication’s Plan!

I’m in the process of building a home theater. You know; a room that used to be called a TV room, but for some reason, when we have a larger TV area, we call it a theater.

Anyway, I’ve re-purposed a storage area in our basement. We decide where walls were easiest to be built, taped it out on the floor, framed out the studs and screwed the drywall on. It’s created a nice space where about 8 people can enjoy a movie or TV.

Up to that point, it’s been fun and challenging. It’s the first time I’ve done all the steps in building a room. Fortunately, I’ve had friends helping occasionally, bringing their strength and background.

This past week I started the “mudding” process. It’s sometime referred to an art. And I know why! I feel like I’ve played around with it but not sure if after one room, I can say I’ve mastered it.

As I opened another 5 gallon tub of mud yesterday, it occurred to me that this process is similar to a good communications plan.

  • Technique: working with mud uses a series of basic principles but requires a lot of talent. I’m sure the finish will turn out OK (I hope), but it’s taken me more time than I could ever imagine (30 hours and counting) — and I’m sure the finished product would have been better with a professional at the helm. The same is for your communications plan. You can do it all yourself, but the outcome will be compromised and in the long run it’s not cost-effective.
  • Bulk Mud: You have to either mix it yourself or buy it pre-mixed. But the consistency is crucial. It needs to be “just right” for it to be spreadable and thick enough that it doesn’t sag. A communication plan has to have enough money invested in it or it’ll not go far enough and will ultimately be a waste of money. But, in the right hands, you don’t have to invest too much money or you’re just throwing it away. It needs to be just right.
  • Smaller Increments: Once the mud in the big bucket is perfect, you have to scoop out a smaller amount so that it’s more manageable. The same is said for your communications plan. With the overall plan in mind, you have to break your plan into manageable strategies. Print, Web, Social are good starting points. But like mudding, keep “visiting” the big plan regularly so that you keep everything in the right consistency. And communicate, in unison!

I must admit, I wish I could hire a professional to finish the room for me.

Why not trying a professional with your communications strategy?! You’ll like the outcome more and the process is so much easier! Call me and we can at least quote on how much it’ll cost. You’ll be surprised at how we can work with almost any budget!

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