Need a Fresh Coat of Paint? Here’s a Easy Way to Tell.

At our office complex they’re painting the restrooms. I must confess that I’ve not been upset with the color of them. Or the overall look. It was painted a light, off-white, beige with a lighter trim.

But now that it’s painted a fresh blue color and pure white trim, the fixtures (and whole bathroom) looks whiter, brighter and cleaner. Exactly what you want for a bathroom.

Your Church just might need a fresh coat of paint. When’s the last time you considered it? They say that every 3-5 years you should look at “freshening” the decor.

Often, when we’re around something a lot, we don’t notice things that others who, say once a week, visit. It’s like the 1st visit to a person’s home and you realize it has a smell. But an hour later, you don’t even notice it.

Maybe your website needs a “new coat of paint” too. You’ve started to hear grumblings: “they” don’t like it, can’t find information on it, and the design is looking a bit old.

But how can you tell? This is a great product. Just “Pick the Expert’s Brain”. In this PinPoint analysis, you will get:

  • An analysis of your Brand (Logo, Color, Font and Positioning)
  • An analysis of your SEO (Search Engine Optimization)
  • An analysis of your design (objectively based on eye-tracking technology)
  • And then… a complete step-by-step plan of what you should do.

It’s like hiring an expert interior decorator from your favorite HGTV show to come and give you a makeover. You’ll be surprised with the changes that have happened in the industry. And the easy solutions. It’s as easy as a new coat of paint.

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