Seriously: there’s no Secret to good Church Websites

A few years ago, during a meeting, someone asked a question about an upcoming national event. We all guessed at the answer. Then someone suggested to “Google it”. They “found” the answer on a desktop computer in the next room.

Fast forward about 10 years and this time the meeting was around a restaurant table. A question came up and I was able to say, “I’ll check” as I pulled out my iPhone from my back pocket.

The internet is just a click away and we rely on it. Now we even have the power of the internet on our watch! The internet of things (IoT) is taking over.

So why do we think it’s a secret about why church websites are good? What websites do you go to regularly? What makes them a good website? There’s really no secret. You know the answer:

We go to church websites for solutions or information.

Want good church websites? Consider what you already know from websites you frequent often and:

  • Provide Solutions. Think about what people in your community might be looking for. They have specific questions, pains, needs or desires. In the church we’re tempted to think that people want the history of the church or a listing of ministry details. But most people aren’t looking for that kind of information. Instead, try to provide solutions that they’re looking for.
  • Provide Information. Yes, the church history and ministry listings are information. But ensure your information is desired by a lot of people. Often we provide content for a few members who may want minutia (details only a few people may want). So we write long paragraphs and take up a lot of room on your website. It doesn’t make for good church websites — just a website with lots of content that most don’t want to wade through. Instead, provide important information that a lot of people are seeking.

Good church websites are about good content. Once you get that done, deliver the solutions and information in a simple, professional user interface. It’s that simple. No secrets here! Here are more tips.

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