One Math Equation You Need for Easter Communications

20% of the community is “undecided” whether they’ll attend church this Easter.

Take a few moments and calculate that for your local church to put it into perspective:

_________ (total population within a 20 minute radius of your worship center)
x .20
= _________ (the staggering total in your community that “may” go to church this Easter)

Sobering isn’t it? For example, if you live in an area that has 80,000 people within the driving distance to your church and you multiply by .20; you discover that about 16,000 people may consider going to church.

Can you seat them all if they arrive at your door? Of course, they won’t all show up. Why?

Some will not be convinced to do it because:

  • They don’t know the options. There are a ton of churches throughout the community; and  since people are not as likely to be affiliated with a church, the churches all seem the same. With too many choices, people make the easy choice. They don’t bother making a choice.
  • They won’t be invited. Studies show that a personal invitation is the most successful way to reach the unchurched. Sadly, were are not doing it.
  • What they normally do will win out. So they won’t end up going. What they normally choose to do is the true “competition” that your church is competing against (i.e. a family day, getting some extra sleep, doing grocery shopping, or relaxing)

Instead, most churches get excited for the 30-40% increase in their Easter service attendance. Realistically, this increase often happens because everyone who occasionally attends will show up for the special Easter service. Some will bring their family who don’t regularly attend. Woohoo! You’re reaching people who already hear the Gospel regularly.

There are MANY more totally unchurched in your community who need to know that they’re welcome at your services. And they need to feel wanted. And they’ll find a solution if they give up what they normally do. We have a process for churches to determine what their community is looking for!

Will you rest in the “swell” you normally get? Or will you actually do something different to attract a new unchurched audience. It’ll be difficult. Since 85% of them will check out your website before attending for the first time, you may have a bunch of work to do online. Want our “outsider” opinion on what we’d recommend for your website to improve the content, SEO, or UI design? Click Below or contact me.

This post originally appeared for the digital Worship Facilities Magazine. Mark MacDonald is a regular writer for this and other national publications.

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