Out with the Old, In with…

I love sitting down to a new book. Starting a clean notebook. Entering a new year. 2014 is exciting to think about. 12 months of uncharted waters.

In order to adequately prepare yourself for the year:

  • Review last year. Successes are fun to remember. Build on them. But take time to look at failures (anything less than success). Can you avoid similar this year?
  • What were you Known for? Sum up what others would perceive about you. Is it what you think you’d like? Was it intentional or did you find yourself pegged with something you don’t like. Decide changes.
  • Take time to Plan. Good planning allows you to intentionally “see” (in advance) how you want something to play out. Be as specific as possible with an action plan to accomplish the overall goals.

2014. I’m looking forward to watching these 12 months that I’ve envisioned. Every quarter I’ll course-correct and maybe end up in a different place. But I’ll anticipate it coming. And pray that God allows an added blessing to my goals.

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