Pastor, do you need an Optometrist?

I visited the eye doctor. I have the issue that “older” people get: my arms just aren’t long enough to hold the book to read well. I hate to admit it. I need reading glasses to help my vision.

I’ve never needed glasses. I’ve prided myself with perfect eyesight, but now my age has caught up to me. I can’t focus on anything within 20″ of my face. It’s hard not being able to see up close. I’ve tried department store glasses and even progressive lenses but I don’t like wearing them (or finding them). Pushing everything away from me to read has become annoying.

The optometrist suggested one contact in my left eye that allows up-close vision while my right eye will continue to see great distances. I agreed to try it, so over several weeks my brain adjusted to the double vision. Eventually I’ll stopped noticing the switching of vision between eyes.

I realize now, more than ever, that I need a good balance between near and far sightedness. Our church communications need this vision balance too.

  • Near-Sightedness. We need the ability to see the “up-close” things. Within our local church, our leadership team, the volunteers, members, and at our own desk. Are you able to focus on them? You need that vision! How are you communicating your vision, mission or positioning to the those close to you? We use the same tools (social media, word of mouth, print, online, etc) but we should be using them differently. If we neglect the “close” things they’ll slowly get pushed away — or worse — they’ll move away. It’s about team building.
  • Far-Sightedness. We also need to focus past the close things and onto the greater community away from us. People who aren’t attending services and enjoying your ministry. Expanding our vision, mission and reach into the world. With the balance of communicating everything to those near at the same time. It’s about team expansion.

Jesus was the Great Optometrist when He said in Acts 1:8: “…and you will be my witnesses in Jerusalem and in all Judea and Samaria, and to the end of the earth.” He pointed out the close places and the far, reminding us to be witnesses (communicating the gospel) with a good balance. 20/20 vision.

He doesn’t require putting a contact lens in every day though. He just wants us to balance our vision. Fortunately He’s given us eyesight that should get better with age.

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