Pick a Problem. Only One.

Do you get overwhelmed easily? Strangely, I do. It’s kind of crazy. I love taking complex tasks, organizing them and then accomplishing them.

But I often get bogged down in getting things done.

When I’m successful; I realize I follow a formula:

  • I get a clear overview of all the tasks (problems).
  • I remind myself what the benefits of finishing them is.
  • I look at how much time it’ll take to complete them.
  • I create a priority list from start to finish. Sometimes mentally, sometimes on paper.
  • Then I do each step. One at a time.

The key is often the last point. I get overwhelmed when I think about all the tasks/problems at once. But when I have them broken into bite-sized steps, I set mini goals about getting them done.

What are major issues that you need to change/fix/resolve? Are they overwhelming? What’s the first step? Start with it. Shouldn’t take long; then move onto the next step. Repeat.

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