Be Known for Love

Please Love.

Valentine’s Day has come and gone. Now what?

It’s easy to “love” someone on a day that is dedicated to “love”. And although it’s not wrong to love when it’s “expected”; Jesus said that we (the Church) are to be Known for Love.

What does that mean?

On a recent mystery visit with a church; I entered their facility and saw people equally scattered across the foyer. They were obviously “placed” there. How could I tell? Almost everyone was entering the building (headed in one direction) and these people were turned to face people entering. They weren’t moving with the flow.

Don’t get me wrong; it’s actually a good idea to get a team of people to welcome people. But sometimes it comes across as an “expected” thing for them to be friendly and welcoming.

Instead your goal is for everyone to feel hospitable.

The key is to ignite “welcoming” and “loving” in your congregation so that everyone is naturally friendly and your church is “known for” being a community where they can learn, live, and be loved.

How? It always starts from the top. The pulpit (leadership on the stage) has to live it, say it, and remind it. Then they need to encourage key staff positions to practice it. It’s part of their job. Teach them to slow down. Pay attention to needs. Have them consciously stop and talk. Be friendly, not just act friendly. Sunday’s (and other times when lots of people are around) is not the time to be doing their “other” work. This is the time to love.

Soon, it becomes contagious.

Imagine! A church who shares, loves, welcomes and reaches out. Like Christ said. It’s worth the effort. And most churches need reminding.

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