Politics – Love/Hate relationship?

I love Politics. There. I said it.

When you’re in a big crowd with a bunch of people who are mingling, try and say the word “politics” loudly. Notice the reactions. I think the majority of people don’t like to talk politics. I guess it was the way I was raised too. My parents always voted but I’m not sure who they voted for. “It’s a private matter” my mother used to say. But there’s something else I have to admit…

I’ve never voted for a President. A Congress person. Or a Senator.

Ok, before half of you decide that I’m a heathen, I should tell you it’s because I’m a Canadian. However, I’m a foreigner who is driven with passion to want to vote! It kills me that I talk to Americans who are ALLOWED to vote but choose to not go to the polls. It drives me nuts! In fact, my family is starting the process to become citizens so that I can have input into the future of America.

I thought if I started the process early enough, I could get my papers so I can vote this November. Well, I found out that “they” are processing forms from May, 2006 right now. That means I have to wait 2 full years to hear if I can get a status change. Then I have to wait 5 years from that point to get my citizenship.

I guess I’ll vote with my grandchildren. They’ll have to push me in a wheelchair and stop half way to change my diaper if the line is too long. But I’m going to vote in the United States if it kills me. Well, if I don’t die of old age first.

But back to politics (it’s easy for me to digress, have you noticed?)… I’ve been watching the Democrats and the Republicans in their conventions. It’s fascinating to me that they have to “reintroduce” their candidates. What does that mean?!? Does it mean that everything we know and hear has been wrong? Perhaps. Or, maybe the Parties want to hone the message of the person to match what the people want.

What I find interesting is that the people swallow it hook line and sinker.

The same can be said about a company brand. Many of you have a product that people have heard about or even tried but for some reason they didn’t like it. Or they didn’t even try it because of what they heard.

What you need to do is reinvent or reintroduce yourself (or product). If the message is developed to meet your audience where their needs are, you will be successful. We all love to try something that’s perceived as “new”.

One caveat though. And this is where I can say, “I hate politics”. Unlike the national conventions where the party leaders promise one thing then several months later do exactly the opposite, your product HAS to deliver on your promise to the audience.

Or they will simply vote not to use you again. And that can happen at anytime, not just a four year cycle like politics.

Well, is it time for “reintroducing” yourself? We love to re-brand products and companies. Just give us a call. We promise it won’t be as expensive as a political campaign!

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