Prepare for the Perfect Storm

I’m traveling today to client meetings in Texas. It probably wasn’t the easiest day to fly.

Several weeks ago when I booked everything (the meeting, the hotel, the airfare, the rental car); I didn’t realize that a “perfect storm” was brewing.

  • Today the time changed. My early morning flight became a REALLY early flight. Now as we cross into a western time zone; I get the hour back (yay!); so I’ll feel at home later today. But when I return, I’ll experience the loss again (grrrr).
  • Today also starts many spring breaks. The airports are buzzing and bursting with families. People who don’t normally fly. They walk slower, scream more, and create long lines at vendors. They pack more “stuff” then business travelers so the already stuffed luggage bins are bulging; and many travelers are left angry.
  • Demand increases prices. Because so many people are traveling, we all get to pay higher prices. Rental car rates also fluctuate based on demand; as does airfare and hotel rates. I’m glad to be contributing to our economy.
  • Thunderstorms where I’m headed. This backs up flights on the ground and creates a lot of turbulence in the air.

In your world, there’s a perfect storm looming on the horizon. You don’t know exactly when it’ll happen, but it will. You may not even know what’s going to happen. But it could be increased demand on your time, lower offerings, no time to plan, etc.

But you must prepare. But how?

  • Research as much as you can. The more you know, the better it’ll be. And you may even be able to avoid some of it. Or at least be prepared for it.
  • Control what you can control; and monitor what you can’t control.
  • And finally, use your time wisely now. Get ahead. And pray. Because God alone knows the future. And your storms.

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