“There’s got to be a Cheaper way”

I talk with a lot of Pastors and Business Owners and I’m hearing the same thing. One Pastor I recently talked to seemed perplexed, “I know I need to do marketing and branding in my church, but I’m not sure how I can afford it. There’s got to be a cheaper way.” I think he thought that he was suggesting that our service can be expensive.

Let’s be honest. First, I want you to know that I wish I was independently wealthy and could give away all our ministry work. It’s that much fun to watch God use what we create for His glory! In fact, we offer many things to the church at a discounted rate, and we go to church and denominational conferences to speak, as well as, smaller seminars — and don’t charge a thing. We want to help the church!

We also have several employees (which coincidentally, aren’t independently wealthy either) that want to feed their families and pay their mortgages, vehicle payments and student loans. Let’s be clear, it’s expensive to run a business today. We have the best computers, up-to-date software and a VERY cool, creative environment — to do our best work for our clients. This means, you don’t have to keep up with all this latest technology, because we do!

Secondly, we do everything within our power to keep our overhead low — in order to provide cost-effective solutions that work. You will see results! That, along side of the research we do in your industry, allows you to have marketing advice and materials that will be world-class. But it all costs money. So we have to pass some of this expense on to you.

So how do we offer AMAZING prices to ministries? Well, we do a lot of secular business work where the profits are rolled into the ministry side of PinPoint so that we can reduce the charges.

But enough about PinPoint’s expenses. Let’s talk about yours! We know that a church or ministry suffers during an economic downturn. Often it takes a bit longer for it to impact you, but you feel it. And we know that churches are starting to see it in the offering plate.

During this economic cycle, like no other time, the world has a great sense of needing “something” or “Someone” that is in control. And that’s when the Church needs to step up as a haven. To find rest. Peace. An escape from the financial torture that seems to be going on.

When your community turns to the Church, how do they find you? What makes you different from the other church on the other corner? Now is the time to be promoting yourself. You offer the only lasting Hope on the economic roller coaster.

So, how can you afford to Market, Promote or Brand yourself — when you don’t have a lot of money?

Well, do I have answers for you! Starting next week, I’ll start listing ways to do Marketing on the cheap. But (of course) not look cheap.

Ready? Any ideas you want to suggest that you’ve already done? It’s as simple as commenting…

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