Think Small. Really Small.

I have to confess I love politics. I love the election cycle. I love watching the debates. Politics is marketing gone wrong.

People are tuning into a debate to do 1 of 3 things:

  1. Love their Candidate More,
  2. Decide Who to Vote For,
  3. Hate on The Opponent

I notice that usually the moderator has a very simple question. She (or he) wants to know what the candidates opinion is. Usually on 1 topic at a time. They’re trying to get both candidates to inform the audience of their stand.

But oftentimes the candidates will start down a simple path to explain themselves but then branch off into an attack aside and other rabbit-trails they feel more comfortable tackling. It confuses and turns people off.

As a business owner, a minister, or an average person; you MUST stop doing this in your daily lives.

People want a simple answer. Why?

  • Easier to remember
  • Easier to pay attention
  • Easier to ask a follow-up question
  • Easier to agree or disagree with

If you want to Become Known For Something, it has to be just that. Some… THING. Not Somethings!

When someone asks you about your product or service, be prepared to tell them about “a” benefit that resonates with the person. If that person is interested in benefiting from you; then you can have a simple list of products (or services) that may interest them. But each product/service MUST relate to your ONE benefit.

Think small. Really small. As in, ONE thing.


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