Weather People are Creative Promoters

We’re in the middle of a heatwave. Me and 100 million others in America. The weather people are bending over backwards “sharing” various ways to visualize it. Some are cooking eggs and pizzas on the sidewalk, others are sitting in cold pools while broadcasting.

Why do they do these things?

  • Interesting. The news, needs to be, well, news! The weather comes and goes. It’s cold in the winter, warm in the summer. But the moment “anything” breaks out of the usual, they want to make these newsworthy items even more interesting. Think about the usual things in your business, does anything unusual need to promoted? People will find it interesting if it’s communicated properly. Come up with the right angle and you could be on the front page of your local newspaper or on a TV newscast.
  • We like visuals. It’s one thing to say the news, but to show the news is even better. What visuals spring from your business that can emphasize something your audience would want? Or a solution. Demonstrations are even better. Think infomercial!
  • It’s unusual. These demonstrations become entertainment by themselves. We often present our businesses in such a “regular” way that no one will remember it afterwards. We really need to think REALLY differently. Think creative metaphors and tie them to your benefits. And sometimes, we can “promote” the negative in such a way it demonstrates your positives.

We have another week or two of intense heat left. It’ll be interesting to see how long they can extend the “unusual-ness” of all of this. The hyperbole will be extended, records will be broken, reporters will make up demonstrations. Each time you see one, think about ways you could do something similar for your business. Now that’s cool!

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