Wow. That was Difficult! And that’s Good.

I love getting presents. I especially like brainstorming gift ideas for my family and friends. I want people to do it for me; but often, a gift becomes simply a “thing” that represents the generosity of a person. This is, of course, perfectly fine, but don’t you love getting that simple gift that says “Wow, you really do know what I like and you thought this through!”

But it doesn’t always happen. Because it’s hard! It’s rare.

Anytime you run into something is difficult at your business; realize that because it doesn’t come easy, you can excel at it.

Seth Godin wrote a simple book about it (The Dip). The greater the complexity and difficulty; the more people drop out. Think: 6-pack abs, running a marathon, organizing a room, accomplishing a rubik’s cube, etc.

Companies are built on doing things that others don’t want to do, or feel it’s too difficult to do yourself.

So, look at the “hard” things your company (or you) do — and don’t dread them; instead become better at it and create a process so it’ll become easier if you do it a lot. Great companies make tons of money marketing difficult things.

If you can actually couple these tasks with something you LOVE to do it’s even better.

Maybe I’ll develop a company that helps buy Christmas gifts for friends. Hmmmm… As long as someone else wraps them. I hate wrapping!


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