You Can’t Do it All. Rest.

At creation, God rested on the seventh day. The trees, plants, grass and even the bears are getting ready to rest for a few months. Tonight, virtually everyone will close their eyes in slumber.

We need a rest. We can’t do it all.

Perhaps you’re juggling a ton of things with your church communications, leadership and technology. Maybe you’ve believed the lie that you have to keep the momentum going all the time. Sunday to Saturday.

Don’t believe it. You can’t do it all.

Remember when you used to jump into a vehicle and know that you’re unreachable while driving? Or the times you went for a walk and all you received was inspiration rather than a steady stream of text message, emails, phone calls, and social media alerts?

You are known for something — that means you’re doing something consistently. That doesn’t mean continuously. The power of being a leader is to say “no” to certain things along the way. We need a cycle like God constructs in nature. A growth time, a colorful harvest time, a cool down period. A rest.

In the communications world, things require a break. TV commercials and advertising campaigns have historically been purchased as a 13-week ad buy with a rest afterward. Why? Because when something similar is consumed on a regular basis, it’s needs a break before airing again. Having a break makes the consumer appreciate it again when it starts back up. And psychologically, most people consider that it was always there; yet they notice it again afresh. It’s good stewardship to have a break.

Today, create a healthy, protective cycle for what you’re doing. Take a break. You can’t do it all. Rest.

This post originally appeared for the digital Worship Facilities Magazine. Mark MacDonald is a regular writer for this and other national publications.

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