Your Church is Hiding under a Bushel. No?

Hide it under a bushel? NO! I’m going to let it shine.

I think we all know the childhood song. No one wants to feel like we’re hiding the enlightening message of Jesus.

Why? People need Jesus. And if anyone is honest about their lives; they realize they need “Something/Someone” bigger than what they can see. We all have a hole that God-alone can fill. Granted, many try to fill the void with other things: sports, music, friendships, food, etc.

Those are ultimately the things the church “competes” with. The good thing? Those things over time will fail.

When they do, we have to Be Known for the Solution! And the Church is the introduction and the educator for living a spiritual life.

That being said, when someone chooses to look for a church; can you be found? Sadly, many churches are hidden.

Most people use search engines to research online. And Google is in top spot. Second spot is Bing but Google has more than 5x the unique visitors. Yahoo is in close third. (Although I use Google, you can apply these tips to any)

  1. Search for Churches in your City. Simply Google “Your City churches”. Examine the list that Google produces. How far down the list you are. Who’s “above” you. The sad truth: if you’re not on the first page; you’re hidden.
  2. Rate Your Church. Want to move upwards? The easiest way is to get people to +1 your pages in Google+ or “rate” you. Most times; the more ratings, the higher you’ll be. Call people in your church who like what you’re doing and get them to join in. BONUS: get them to mention what you’re “Known For” in their ratings to allow your message to break through.
  3. Check Analytics: Use Google Analytics to let you know what keywords and search engines people are using to find you.

There are several other things that can help you too. Check out other tips here. And if you’re like us to help; please contact us!


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