Your Church isn’t Social. 3 Proofs.

Have you been invited to a social event recently? Or even more importantly, have you invited people to yours? What about your church services or special events? Of course you have (I hope). We love to get together.

The church is called to this fellowship. God knows we need to be around other like-minded people to be encouraged, motivated, and held accountable. There are so many discouraging people in the world, we need other believers and seekers around us!

Church services do this corporately but we need more intimate settings. We used to think of Sunday School classes, Bible Studies and Small Groups. But the world is fellowshipping differently now. Social media. Almost 3/4 of US adults are on Facebook. The other 1/4 don’t appear to want socializing or don’t understand the benefits

Is your church socializing where the people are? Maybe you’re just not social. Here are 3 ways to determine if you are:

  1. You don’t have a following. Like most businesses, people, and ministries, you probably have a Facebook or Twitter page. But do you struggle to have a following? Perhaps you don’t know how to throw a party that’ll attract people. Great social events get attended. Or maybe you have people attending but very little sharing of content or the conversation is limited or lacking. Admit it, you’re probably not that social. Social people create conversations that attract.
  2. You don’t post regularly. Look at your page, if you’re not regularly posting interesting stuff (not just promotional announcements) or your posts are merely afterthoughts, admit it, you’re the wrong person to be running your accounts. You’re just not social. Social people love to engage.
  3. You don’t enjoy social media. This is where the world “hangs out”, so if you don’t like social media, you probably don’t like meeting new people, engaging with great content, or spending time learning and listening to others. Social people want to be where engagement is.

I know, I know, you’re saying, “but I don’t do digital social well and actually prefer face-to-face”. Perhaps that’s true. But people are finding fellowship fulfillment in this crazy digital world. Accept it or walk away. Its easier to choose to do it the way we’ve always done it. But if people are hanging out somewhere, we’re called to go to them and make disciples; fellowship with like-minded people, and share the hope of Christ.

That’s being social in this digital world.

Don’t feel like that’s you? Check your congregation for someone who does it well (regular interesting social media posts with lots of followers) and ask them to help develop a team. You’ll be glad you did! We’re called to be social.

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