Your Church Needs the Nones.

I hate walking into a room full of people I don’t know. My inner bashfulness kicks in and I scan the room to see if there’s something to do (to look busy) or a small group that I may know.

Everyone wants to feel wanted. Or needed.

In the past, people developed friends at work, at parties, or in church.

But sadly, church has been dropped from that list. Some people don’t feel welcomed in church. There’s nothing that in “church” that calls to them. They don’t understand the benefit of going.

Because churches don’t know a clear benefit themselves?

A recent Pew Study has established a group called the “Nones”. People who don’t affiliate with a specific church. And this recent 2012 study says that 1 in 5 check “none” for church affiliation. In 1990 the answer was only 8%. So it’s more than doubled. If it’s just people under age 30; it’s 1 in 3. Ugh!

Strangely, the “nones” seem to have faith:

  • Many Pray
  • Many Believe in God
  • Many are Spiritual

They just don’t want to associate with a church. They don’t realize it; but they need church. So how do you attract them?

Statistics say they’ll start with your website (or a personal invitation, then your website). Here’s 3 things you must have on your website to attract the “nones”:

  1. Professional, Clean Design – You need to look like something that they’d be interested in. Have you looked at other websites lately? You have to look as good — or you’ll not attract them.
  2. Doctrine – The average “none” wants to know what makes you tick. What you’re known for. What you believe. Make sure that’s clear on your website (be brief) especially if you don’t have a doctrine-driven denominational name.
  3. “You’re New” section – some “nones” have never been to a church like yours. Have a video that demonstrates what they’ll expect when they arrive. Deal with what to wear, where to park, how long your services are, etc.

The church needs to attract this group. Or the church will continue to shrink and the “nones” will continue to expand.

Go into ALL the world and teach…

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