Last Minute Easter Communications Tune-up

Spring breezes are barely starting to blow and air conditioning companies have started suggesting a tuneup for your AC unit. Tuneups are simply wake-up checklists to make sure everything is performing properly when challenged. Lent season is underway so… Easter communications need a tuneup for the challenge to come!

Easter is the climax of the church calendar!

In a few days, Easter will be unfolding in our churches. Most congregations swell by 50% (or more) and the special services that shout the resurrection message will occur. Effective Easter communications is essential to help pack the pews and keep the momentum after the Easter Eggs are eaten. Most people love Easter!

Your Easter Communications Tuneup Checklist:

  1. Plan; but not just for the day. It’s never too early to start planning (you may want to think about NEXT Easter now!). Envision what “success” looks like for Easter. Is it lots of people? Excitement? Launching a new vision? Getting the community engaged with church? Once you know the goal, then start creating communication steps to transport your congregation and community from where they are; to where you want to take them. The farther back the better. Most people need to hear/see an announcement 2 or 3 times for it to sink in. Since Easter’s so close now, consider alternate means to reach people if necessary. Be aggressive and consistent. And start thinking about next year already.
  2. Concentrate on the Unchurched. Most churches swell in size on Easter and we’re quick to boast that we’re reaching the lost. Most times, we’re not. We simply have most of the regular members coming on one Sunday (when they normally skip weeks); and we also get the whole or extended family of members. Shhhhh: this happens easily with little effort. This year, REALLY assess your Easter audience to see if you’re reaching those who have no church home. If you are, create the simple goal of letting them have a wonderful experience with church — and put yourselves on their radar. They may actually need you in the future! If you’re not, set the goal for better community involvement next year. This is a tough one!
  3. Improve your Digital Communication Hub. Visitors to your church are going to look at your website for: times, directions, what Easter services will be like, what to dress like, and what to do with their kids. Make sure your website provides this information easily. Most will look in the last week before Easter. Whew! Some will look at your social media — will they get excited for what’s going to happen? Finally, be ready to interact with them afterward if they want to register for information while on campus. Set up email engagement that they’ll want (marriage tips, family focus suggestions, upcoming community events, etc).
  4. Plan the month after Easter. When you have that many people in one place, Easter service is a unique opportunity to introduce something that will keep everyone returning. So plan something special AFTER Easter! Make sure you’re responding to needs, concerns and goals in their lives. If you have a GREAT solution, they’ll come for it.

He is risen. Yes, indeed! Start praying for those who need to know (or be reminded) of the power that the risen Christ can bring. There’s not much time left, but there’s no better time to start preparing. Start now.

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