1 Big Takeaway from WFX 2012

I was blessed once again to speak at the WFX Atlanta. And had a booth in their expo too. What a week!

We launched our new BeKnownForSomething Brand Strategy team to great fanfare. What we realized:

  • Churches ultimately want to control their image and Be Known For Something. To influence a community.
  • Lots of questions with how to do this process.
  • Questions over Websites and Social Media abound! How to effectively use them.

We’re going to use this blog forum to help answer these questions. And, of course, you can contact us through our form or call us at 866.534.7632. We want to help!

One of the keynote speakers (Alan Hirsch; Author, Founder of Forge Mission Training Network) shared how the world positively ranks God, Jesus, and Spirituality. But Church ranks low (and dropping).

This Big Takeaway is HUGE! It means that our distribution system for a well-accepted product line is broken. Church; we must figure out how to Be Known For Something… positive! And start directing our image. The world depends on it.

Ready to take the journey? We’d love to help.

Contact us about:

  • Analysis Package. Our Team scours your website and communication materials; determines what you’re doing right, and what you can improve on. As outsiders, we determine what you’re known for (from these materials). 85% of your visitors do this.
  • Be Known For Something Package. We conduct an on-location Mystery visit to see if you are who we perceive you are. Creating a full report to help you Break Through. To influence your community. Including a complete demographic study to help you understand this potential audience.
  • Virtual Creative Director. We help you develop effective communication materials. Whether it’s with our PinPoint team, another graphics house or an internal communications team. You use us as needed and pay us on an hourly basis.

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