1 Month Before an Event. What to do, what to do?!

I’m sure you’re aware — in a month or so you have a big event happening or finishing. Is it too late to be thinking about effective communication? Yes. In all honesty, you need more prep time to get people interested and excited to attend.

But what now? What are the last 3-4 weeks good for? Here are 5 things that you MUST do in the last month before an event in order to boost interest:

  1. Give them words to why people should attend. Consider who you want to attend. Why would they want to attend? Think what natural language that would roll-off-their-tongue and start using it from the stage, in social media, and in promotions. Why? So people will start using the benefit-driven words and make your event known for it.
  2. Make sure your website points easily to the event. Fortunately, most people are only finalizing their calendar just 2-3 weeks before an event. NOW is the time to make sure everyone in your congregation knows and plans. Ensure your home page has its presence. Use the language discussed in the first point. Then make sure your congregation can refer to your website easily so they can invite the community by getting them to go for the details online.
  3. Create momentum but don’t overdo promotion. As your event gets closer, create a natural momentum that builds to the event. Give them interesting behind-the-scene glimpses that makes someone excited to attend. Resist the urge though to over-promote; use common sense so that you don’t lose your audience with too much advertising. No one tunes into a TV show to watch commercials. You must maintain balance with other ways you “entertain” your followers.
  4. Tell stories of why you’re doing the event. Use this time to work the “why” into your sermons and promotions. Reenforce, through stories, who the event is for, what it will solve, and the benefits of attending. Be transparent and tell stories that build excitement for attending! Drive people to your website (share the stories there too!).
  5. Use social media to extend reach. Make sure you’ve created an event on social media that’s easy to share. Use Facebook early (it tends to “last” longer in a feed) and Twitter close to the event (it’s considered a real-time newsfeed).

It’s not too late. However, consider how much more time you wish you had this year and put it on the calendar now to start earlier next time. Good work takes time. The more time the better!

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