1 Timely Church Disconnect

We gained an hour last night. Early evening I set all the clocks back and as the night progressed, I got more tired than the clock showed. At 9:30 (according to the clock); I was exhausted. Because it was actually 10:30 (my bed time).

I finally gave in and went to bed before 10 pm (on the clock). Then I wondered why I woke up so early. And when my Bible Fellowship class started at 11 am; I was starved.

I’m just totally confused today. Everything seems odd in timing.

Does your congregation feel the same about you? You say one thing; but they experience another.

We call it brand-disconnect.

How does it happen?

  • Web Templates. Your “brand” is the story that you are “known” for. It’s individual and benefit-driven. What you alone provide a particular audience. It’s not about “big C” Church benefits; but about “little c” local church benefits. You need to own colors, benefits, fonts, and design. Enter templates. Churches pick a template and they become like it; rather than the other way around. People see your website and think one thing — then they arrive at your church and experience something totally disconnected.
  • Print and Web Design. A lot of Churches have someone who designs their print materials. But they don’t do web design well (very normal). So they hire another team to do their web. And like most designers; they do something totally different. And the church becomes known for 2 looks. 2 brands.
  • Promises. Every “brand” has to guarantee something. And it’s that something that needs to be delivered. Everywhere! In services, classes, website, the parking lot, etc. If they don’t sense it; feel it; believe it; they’ll feel disconnected from your church.

Ultimately, like the time change, people get used to the disconnect and put up with it. But then you’ll not be known for anything memorable.

So, stop the disconnect. Be genuine. Every church needs to be known for authenticity. Start today.


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