1 Way to Get People to Change. I Promise.

I took the last several days and went to Catalyst Atlanta. It’s a Christian Leadership conference that I wouldn’t miss. It has expected and unexpected moments. Fun, education, motivation, praise, worship, entertainment, speaking. And more.

I learn more in 2 days than I learn in several months. I try to note the major points from each of the speakers; but end up only writing half of them. I just can’t write fast enough.

Another issue, is that I forget who said the points that I remember.

On the way home my family (who attended with me) started talking about our impact moments. And then we all tried to remember who said what. Several times I heard “points” for the very first time — I was there, but my mind was spinning on another important point; and I missed the next point entirely. The fact that my teenage sons listened for 2 days and wanted more; speaks volumes on the quality of the conference.

But it ultimately doesn’t matter who said what (obviously I’m not a copyright lawyer).

One amazing thing that an amazing speaker said (do you like how I skirted the issue?):

People will only let go of something when you offer them something better.

Often we promote the latest and the greatest in the church. A new program. A new product. And it’s no better than what someone already has. And that’s the #1 reason for failure.

Want change in your church? Consider what your audience is holding on to. Then consider how your “new” thing is “better”. Then talk the benefits; and people will let go to try something new.

I promise.

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