12 Tips for Calming Your Communications.

Chaos abounds in life.
Christmas, Thanksgiving, or any given work day. We are barraged with images, videos, sounds, cries, barks, etc. We have honey-do lists, our own must-do priorities, demands on our time, and requests from clients, friends, and family members. Should I even mention emails, spams, direct mails, and iMessages?

If you live in a city, they say you see about 5000 ad images each day. That’s huge! Everyone things they have something important to communicate and they’re pushing it to you. And then… you have something important to say (and have less money than the big advertisers).

What are you to do?

The Chaos of Life is why the trend in marketing and design is to calm things down. Here are some tips:

  • Simplify.
  • Look at anything your communicate for your business and consider how you can calm it down.
  • Say fewer words.
  • Keep everything consistently aligned (i.e. centered, left justified, etc.)
  • Make everything into groups and have fewer groups.
  • Use consistent sizes for things.
  • Align elements.
  • Make your margins larger.
  • Use calm colors.
  • Make it easy to read.
  • Create a balance.
  • Establish a clear design hierarchy.

People will tend to stay longer in your “space” when they see calm. They’ll relax. Take their time. And have a nice feeling when they leave.

I think I need a vacation…

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