2 Things You Must Remember about Emails

I’m warring with email. Although statistically SPAM is down quite a bit over just 3 years ago, I seem to get a lot of it. And when I get through deleting all the junk mail, I’m often cranky and don’t seem to enjoy getting “real” emails. Sometimes emails get “lost” in the clutter.

I’m not alone.

Just when we’re getting used to not sending physical mail anymore (when’s the last time you actually wrote something and placed a stamp on it?), people are now considering reducing emails. Just like mail, voicemails and emails are becoming a thing of the past.

The next generation is almost impossible to contact through email. My college-aged son (or my high school senior) rarely checks his email client. It drives me crazy!

People have moved on to more “instant” communication; like facebook or texting.

Still want to make email work for you? Remember these 2 things:

  1. Keep them short. People will scan a long paragraph-style email to find out what the “point” is. Make sure you only have one. And try to limit your email to 50-75 words, and you’ll have a greater chance of getting a response.
  2. Don’t expect an immediate response. Need a quick reply? Email response times are getting longer and longer (and many don’t bother answering them!). So ask via a text, facebook message, or in person if time is of the essence!

I can’t believe how fast things are changing. Communications is changing. If you’re not? You’re going to become obsolete or ignored. Hone your editing skills. Get to the point. And you’ll be heard. Less is definitely more.

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