20th Anniversary

Church Branding for 2+ Decades

Our 20th anniversary was huge! Thank you!

It’s Be Known for Something’s 20th Anniversary! August 6, 2001 we started offering graphic design and church communication services to churches. Our history took us through name changes and a broadening of services. 20+ years later, we’ve become known for helping Churches and Organizations discover a thread. Church branding!

So, we look forward to helping even more churches and organizations in the next 20 years! Here’s how:

Our 20th Anniversary is over; still Celebrate our Accomplishments!

  • A leading voice in the national Church Comm world
  • 1 of the longest-operating Church Branding Agencies in America
  • Published 830+ searchable Church Communication articles
  • Most Influential Church Branding Agency
  • Our founder is inducted into The Church Network Hall of Fame
  • Guest on 80+ national podcasts
  • A complete Church Branding line to discover a thread
  • Taught practical workshops at dozens of national conference
  • Written THE bestselling Book on Church Branding
  • 1000s using the Be Known for Something System
  • 60,000+ social media followers across all platforms
  • Trademarks for Be Known For Something® and Discover Your Thread®