3 Reasons Why It’s Good to Visit the Past

We’re approaching our 10th anniversary at PinPoint Creative Group. And this week I stopped into our very 1st office location. The one where our business practice was born.

It was good for me. Over the last couple of years, it’s been challenging as our client-load has expanded and retracted. Some times I feel like my head is down (working) all the time; and I don’t have a chance to gain perspective. It seems like we work 3 times as hard, in order to accomplish the same amount of revenues.

Fortunately, a package was delivered to our VERY wrong (old) address, and I stopped in to pick it up. Here’s 3 Things I found:

  1. Your memory grows things. I think back about how big I remember that office to be. Yes, it was cozy, but it was large in my mind’s eye. I’ve done the same thing when I’ve returned to childhood homes. Over time, our memory tends to remember things better than they are. Or maybe that’s a product of positive thinking.
  2. It’s not about where you’ve been. But what you’re doing. As I looked around the small space (looking much different now), I remembered the client meetings, the team meetings, and the work we accomplished. Ultimately, it wasn’t the space; but it was the “tasks, dreams and goals” that were accomplished there that allows us to exist today. Don’t fall for the lie that you need the “perfect space” to accomplish great things.
  3. Be thankful for what you have. I left that original space and walked into our current space. We’ve come a long way. And as years go by, we can dwell on the hiccups, dips and challenges; but ultimately, God has been good to us. We’re blessed to have a place that allows our process to work for us and our clients.

The ultimate lesson learned? Don’t let your memory discourage you. Take a walk back to where you came from and you’ll be better off. Yes, we’ve learned a lot and the challenges are making us better.

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