3 Reasons You Need a Uniform.

My son and I had a discussion about school uniforms. It seems that once again, this issue is being talked about. He was surprised to know that I had them in the high school I attended.

I asked him (as a teen) what he thought. Of course, he didn’t like it.

So I asked him why he thought the topic keeps coming up by school boards. He thought for these reasons:

  • Cheaper for Parents.
  • Everyone would be dressed the same.
  • Easier than having a dress code.

He was very astute with his points. It’s pretty much the reasons why we suggest a color palette for each of the brands we develop.

  1. Cheaper. If you have primary, secondary and tertiary colors; it makes it a lot cheaper to design. Especially if you have a font palette and standard design elements. You don’t have to start from scratch every time.
  2. Similarity. Every time someone sees some promotional material of yours (whether on the web or in print); it will look consistent. These are the foundational elements of your brand. The more you keep things consistent, the more people will remember you when they need you.
  3. Easy. Want to decide on shirt giveaways? What color would be best? Uniforms for your staff? How about deciding on colors in your office? Yep, color palettes make the job easy. Just remember that your primary color must work easily with large areas and can’t be too trendy. Save the trendy and flashy colors for your tertiary colors.

Interestingly, the major problem my son has with school uniforms, is the same issue we hear from our clients about palattes.

It’s boring.

Yep. It’ll get a bit boring for you. You see the colors over and over again (a great reason to make sure you choose good ones!). But the ultimate benefits for those “outside” your business far out weighs your boredom. And that boredom can be relieved with color professionals who can create new combinations and unexpected design elements to spice up the color palette. Just give us a try; we’ll create a palette you’ll love!

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