3 Simple Things For Speaking in Public

My older son is graduating from High School in a few days. It seems like only yesterday that he was born. He entered the world at 10lbs 12oz. Talk about an impact!

And he’s been known for his leadership ever since. He always wanted (wants) to be first in line. First to try something, First to offer help.

He’s developing into a servant leader. And lately he’s received opportunities to speak and influence groups of people. We talked last week about the complexity of coming up with topics that people want to listen to. I love guiding him with communication skills.

The cool thing about teaching; is that you have to voice things you take for granted. Each time I talk to him, I learn something.

His question: “How do you come up with something to talk about?” I talk about the answer almost daily. It’s our 3 Simple Things (except it’s usually about product or positioning development; but it’s related to topic selection too). And every communicator (Preacher, Teacher, Leader) needs to be reminded of it.

  • PinPoint Your Audience: clearly identify their uniqueness, their background, their story. And then determine their “pain” for the moment.
  • Describe Your Product: or what you have that relates to their pain. There’s always scripture that can be the central theme.
  • Understand and Communicate your Benefit: This is the connection between the first 2. If you do that successfully; you’ll be a hero.

Then, start with a story that illustrates the benefit, let them know the benefit in the middle section; give reasons for why you believe it will help their pain, and finish with a story that tells them the benefit again.

It’s why thematic Sundays are so successful in Church. Mothers’ Day, Fathers’ Day, Graduation Sundays, etc. We know the Audience and direct something to them. Something that most Pastors need to be reminded of on non-themed Sundays.

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