3 Spring Things.

We are blessed to live in North Carolina. One of the perks of residing in the south is early spring fever. After several weeks of cold temperatures (for here), we were blessed to have the thermostat rocket up to the 60’s yesterday and today. I realize that it’s probably short-lived, but it sure feels good for now.

Have you ever noticed what happens when spring temperatures arrive? There’s something that kicks us into a fresh, new feeling and outlook. I started to think about the outside chores that need to be done. Then I began to notice how God in His wisdom allows the trees to prepare for pollination during these winter “rest” times. In fact, the buds on some of our spring-blooming trees have the tell-tale swollen buds already. If it stays warm for another week the tree buds may start to open.

Yesterday I treated the family to ice cream near the mall. It just seemed perfect to celebrate the arrival of warm weather. People seemed friendlier than usual. Cars were lined up at the car wash to take the winter dust off. Then as we rounded the corner by one of our city’s parks, we saw people walking, kids playing and pick-up games of various sports filling the fields.

For most of you, I realize, spring is more than a “hope” away. But what are you doing during this winter rest period to get your church ready for spring? I also know that the economy has made this more than a “rest” — but can I give you a couple of guarantees?

The recession will end. And spring will arrive.

Then what? Will you be ready? Ready for what you ask? For the vitality that is on the horizon. That coupled with the increased attention to faith (and the church) when we’re under stress and consumed by uncertainty.

Here are 3 things that you can do now in your Church to prepare for things (and they don’t cost much!):

1. Have Focus Groups. Hopefully by now (after all my pushing) you know your target audience. Randomly select 6-10 current members (in your target audience), get them to come to the church one evening, and ask them questions! Perhaps it would be better to have a non-church leadership person as the questioner. I’m sure your next staff meeting could assemble 25 questions you’d like honest answers to.

2. Update your Website. I dare you — go to your church website (after you finish this blog, please :-), check the copyright date — is it this year? Exactly. It’s a good place to start on your updates. But don’t stop there — look at the site as a non-church member. Does it have the information they want to know? If you can’t do the upgrades yourself then your website isn’t constructed the best way.

3. Do a Walk-Through. Have fun! Pretend that you’ve never been to your church before and start with the drive into the church parking lot. Bring someone with you to take notes and start rattling off everything you notice. Signage, shrubs, lighting, dirt, etc. Imagine you have young kids with you (on your first-time trip) and you need to find their classes or the nursery. I think you get the drift. You will be amazed.

So, until Spring really arrives, start getting ready! We offer assistance with these steps — and we won’t hold back! We’ll give you an itemized plan of what you need done and a video demonstrating the necessity of it all. Contact us today! Spring is right around the corner!

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