3 Ways to Lead Your Church Differently in 2019

I understand. It’s difficult to lead a congregation. Trying to communicate effectively to a group is a large task since so many people want so many different things. You’re also guiding them spiritually and chiding them for veering from the spiritual path. So much to do, so little time to do it.

Here are 3 leadership things to consider doing differently. You may be impressed with the many benefits you’ll enjoy later!

  • Promote less. Church communication often becomes all about promoting events and opportunities in the church. Don’t lose sight of engaging with a broader approach. Engagement requires experiencing life together and authentically walking with your congregation. Loving them, guiding them, correcting them. And using events to reinforce those important things. No one likes a constant push of promotion! Instead think more like a television show: 80% entertainment and stories with only 20% advertising and promotion. People will feel closer to you and listen more if they like “hanging out” with you.
  • Get them to tell stories. By example, start telling great stories. A story consist of characters (Villains, Victims, and Heroes) who discover something to change their world. When you demonstrate this regularly, others will want to share their story too (perhaps with a little encouragement). Keep stories short and help others edit theirs — many don’t know how to drop unimportant facts and details. If you become a church about life transformation stories, you’ll attract others. Everyone loves to get a seat near the good storyteller.
  • Share the stage. Often, Pastors are protective of their 20 – 40 minutes on the stage. Understandably so! But often, the point you’re trying to make can be emphasized more powerfully by someone else. Or a video. Or a song. Don’t be scared to share your time; instead, for a more memorable presentation it should become a necessity. People will maintain their attention span longer if you break up your time and they’ll feel like time flies during your sermon. Let them leave wanting more!

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