3 Ways To Be Known for Thanksgiving

Many of you know, I’m Canadian (but lived in the US for the last dozen years). So this week; although we celebrate Thanksgiving here in the US, it seems late to me. I’m used to having Canadian Thanksgiving in October. And, since I’m used to all the questions from Americans, here’s the answers:

  • Yes, our Thanksgivings are similar to the American holiday.
  • No, we don’t have Pilgrims. Just the early settlers who were thankful for the harvest.
  • Ours is the 2nd Monday of October (US Columbus Day). It’s not as commercial since it doesn’t start the Christmas Season.
  • We eat Turkey and stuffing too. And vegetables and Pumpkin pie.
  • It’s in October because our harvest is earlier.

But whether you’ve celebrated Thanksgiving last month, or you’re getting ready for it this week, are you Known for Thanksgiving? Are you considered a thankful person?

Here’s 3 things you need to do to be Known for Thanksgiving:

  1. Gratitude. When something good happens in your life; and you know who caused it (Divinely and/or humanly); are you quick to express your gratitude for what they’ve done?
  2. Observant. To be thankful; you have to notice all the things happening around you. Some people seem to notice only things going wrong. A person marked with Thanksgiving, notices good things. They seem to be everywhere.
  3. Contentment. We have so much. And everyday that we can take a breath, we have the ability to rest in the peace of God sustaining us. Holding us. Directing us.
  4. Humble. You don’t do anything in a vacuum.

I want to achieve these things. I want to be thankful. I want everyone around me to realize I can’t do what I do without so many people. And I’m thankful to them. And to God. For everything.

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