4 Easy Ways to Sell More

Have you noticed the ads that are running right now? It seems that someone knows we have new years’ resolutions: lose weight, eat better, working out and quitting smoking.

OK, the first 2 or 3 are always on my list, fortunately I don’t have to deal with smoking issues.

What can this teach us as business owners? It means that “ads” or “sales messages” need to reach us where we are.

So what’s going on right now that you can get in on? Well, it depends on your product.

  • Consider the season of year. It’s winter, or spring, or.. ok, you get the drift.
  • Consider the celebration or transition going on it the lives of your audience. Maybe it Valentine’s Day or it’s spring or summer when a lot of moving is going on.
  • Try to link your product’s benefits to one of these things. Start by listing all your benefits; perhaps you can tie something to “love” or entering a new home.
  • Create a calendar of these benefits so you have a yearlong strategy. This is half the battle!

Important! If you meet a benefit with a perceived need of your audience, you’ll make more sales if the perceived value is reasonable. Go ahead and try it! And wish me luck on eating better…

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