Reasons Churches Don't Hear

4 Reasons Most Don’t Hear What the Church Says

Everywhere you look in our busy world, there’s a lot of information. If you want the information, it’s a good thing. If you don’t think you need it, it’s an annoyance. So, you learn to ignore it. For sanity reasons!

We all get too many emails, see too many social media posts, get too many advertising messages, and it seems like that overwhelming wave of information is growing! It’s impossible to keep up.

In the middle of seeing a full (mismanaged) inbox and during the never-ending social scrolling, the church is attempting to breakthrough. Church goers even miss the church messaging. And the community? The overly religious messaging and barrage of event promotion gets lost.

Why? Communication noise. It’s drowning the church message out. How do we fix it? Here are 4-steps:

  1. Identify your limited who. If you try to reach everyone, you’ll reach no one. Instead, concentrate on one or two limited and stereotypically defined groups that you have access to. Make sure the group you’re focusing on is large enough to help your church grow. And it’s always wise to choose a growing group in your area (not declining). Once you identify them, fall in love with them. Research demographics, talk to them, ask them questions, and listen. Seek to understand your personas.
  2. Listen for needs, concerns, and goals. Part of loving someone, is the desire to help them with solutions to needs and concerns. Or guiding them to a path to accomplish their goals. Want to rise above the noise? Think benefit-driven, not spiritually-driven. Authentically become their pain expert! Sure, you know they need Jesus, but they don’t realize it. Yet. Communicate about what keeps them up at night or weighs heavy on their shoulders. It’s probably not going to be defined by them as a spiritual issue. So, don’t always talk about spiritual solutions — they’ll be ignored. Get their attention and engage with them. THEN tell them about the Gospel and Jesus.
  3. Concentrate on one solution. If you talk about too many solutions it’ll only add to the noise. So calm messaging by focusing on one engaging solution. It needs to become a thread that unites your ministry focus. It also needs to connect easily to the scarlet thread of the Gospel. Think about 3-5 words that will get your persona to look up. It needs to be unique, memorable, and useable. It’s not your vision, mission, or values; but it sure supports them! When you say less, theyll listen more! The thread also needs to be broad enough it can be unpacked and talked about for years. Be known for it.
  4. Sing in Unison. If a choir is singing in a loud outdoor venue, it sounds good when you’re close. The farther you move away, the music is drowned out by the noise. Especially if they’re singing complex harmonies. Want the choir to rise above the noise? Get them to sing in unison. Your ministries are like a choir. Harmonies are appreciated up close. Want to be heard far and wide into your community? Get one thread that’s a solution to your personas. And sing, sing, sing. In unison! You’ll be heard.

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