4 Simple Things all Churches Need to Know – 3

Think about your favorite product or service. You know, the ones you love to buy, use and promote.

I love PepsiMax right now. In fact, I’m drinking one right now.

If someone were to ask me what my favorite soft drink is, I’d blurt out PepsiMax! — then proceed to tell them (even if they didn’t ask) why I enjoy it. For my whole life, I’ve enjoyed Coke Classic taste until I switched to Coke Zero (that has the same taste, but zero calories) as I started to watch my weight. No sense drinking any of the few calories I can eat to maintain my weight.

Along the way, I discovered that to boost metabolism and creative “quick thinking”, a high-caffeine drink hit the spot! So I switched to Diet Mountain Dew and then Vault Zero (which didn’t have a syrupy taste like the Dew). Then they discontinued Vault Zero. Catastrophic! (OK, perhaps I overstate it)

About that time along came PepsiMax. It had the high-caffeine kick, but not like an energy drink. And without any calories. It took me a little while to get over the “pepsi taste”, but now I’m hooked.

I’m sure you can rattle off the reasons you use/drink/eat/buy something as fast as I can. The more someone can list the benefits, the more committed to it.

You want this for your church! And the easiest way to encourage it, is for you to identify the benefits and communicate it to your congregation. It’s that easy. Only, many Pastors don’t know the benefits!

You guessed it. The third simple thing is: know your benefits!

Here’s a simple plan to identify them:

  1. List Products you do Better than Most
    (i.e. Multi-Services, Great Kid’s Program, Excellent Choir)
  2. Which Products support your Vision?
  3. Convert Products to Benefits
    (i.e. Convenience, Happiness, Use your Gifts)
  4. Choose 3 from list.
  5. Create a simple (less than 5 words) slogan that describes (or can be assigned to the definition of) your benefits.

Next week I’ll explain what you can do with this list. But half the battle is figuring out the list. Remember to “try” the list on some of your congregation to see if it’s valid!

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