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4 Ways Church Branding will Evangelize the Community

Church branding will evangelize the community if done properly. As Christ-followers, we’re commanded to go into the world and make disciples; but for many, we drop the ball.

So how can church branding help evangelism? An effective church branding process helps your members start the right conversations by focusing on community needs, concerns, and goals; and then identifies what the local church should be known for: solutions. Solutions that may bring someone to church or open up a conversation that can lead to more important spiritual talks.

The problem we face? The community has stopped listening to the church because they don’t feel we’re relevant or needed in their lives. So, if we invite people to simply come to church, many quickly say “no”. And what’s worse, they’ll not discover that Jesus is the ultimate answer to all of their problems. We need to become known for something other than being a church.

Church branding helps members understand their community and gives them the words so they can share solutions. It may start by inviting them to the church that’s known for the solutions, or it may open up an opportunity for a Gospel conversation. Like the way Jesus engaged with the woman at the well by talking about her relevant need: water. Then He made the eternal connection by asking if she would be interested in Water that would cure her thirst forever. 

Effective church branding will evangelize by starting an engagement that leads to the Gospel. We just need to identify the “water” that will engage our communities. That’s a church branding thread.

Here are 4 ways church branding will evangelize when you’re known for the right things:

  1. Good church branding focuses members on the community. John 13:35 says we’re to be known for love. Church branding centers on why God placed you in your community and helps discover how you can love them. Temporally first (to get their attention), then eternally with a Gospel connection.
  2. It makes the community look up. A conversation must start in such a way so the community will notice the church again. A great church brand does this. By training members to talk solutions to needs, concerns, or goals (that are weighing heavily on their minds). Speaking about their pains will always get their attention. This engagement will usually lead to talking solutions.
  3. Benefits are often easier to talk about. Many don’t share about Jesus because they find it challenging to talk to friends about spiritual things. An effective church brand connects to immediate concerns (i.e. family, marriage, safety, finances) that are easier to discuss. And the conversation often feels like love! Then, a member can invite them to their local church (known for the temporal solution), so they can experience ministry that will ultimately connect them to the Gospel.
  4. A church brand thread connects to Jesus. What you’re known for (a beneficial thread) will get their attention. But that isn’t enough for the church! We need to use the engagement to introduce them to Jesus. So a church should become known for a needed solution (church brand); and then, once the community is paying attention, that engagement can introduce them to the Scarlet Thread of the Gospel. 

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