4 Ways to make “Little Things” matter

There are opportunities. And then there are huge opportunities!

This past week, one of our clients, Sophia Media Group and the UN, were launching an educational initiative. We’ve been working with them on this project, so when they asked me to attend the press conference I said, “absolutely”!

Did I mention it was in the Turks and Caicos Islands? I’ve never been to the tiny Caribbean country, but I love Islands, and my client needed me. That’s the equation for my heartfelt reply.

They put me up in an amazing resort. Amanyara (peaceful place). It’s unique being on the northern side of Providentiales. In order to get there you have to take an unmarked, unpaved, 4-mile ride over mountain-side and natural terrain. All I can say is, from the moment I arrived on the Island, they impressed me. And it’s not the fact that the room cost $2010/night. Instead, it was the little things.

Here are 4 ways they demonstrated that to me:

  1. First Impressions – When I arrived at their small international airport, I shuffled my way through immigration and then found the gentleman holding a sign for me. He carried my luggage over to his Land Rover and opened my door. His greeting simply was, “Welcome to Paradise”. It set my expectation a little higher.
  2. Thank you gifts – Once I was in the car and on the way to the resort, he handed me an ice-cold bottle of water, a mint-scented icy facecloth and a menu. Yes, a menu! I thought “will he serve a meal in the car”? Instead as I opened it, he said in his island accent, “This is your music menu for the drive, what would you prefer to listen to”? What I didn’t know, was the same music I enjoyed on the ride, was also the music that greeted me in my room once I got to it. Nice.
  3. Unexpected highlights – Upon arrival, I was greeted by the General Manager who knew my name, and a hostess handed me a non-alcoholic drink “that the chef prepared” especially for me. She told me to enjoy it while she told me a little about the resort and gave me a short tour. It was a pleasant soft-sell for what I would enjoy. Every person who served me or met me, knew my name and room number. I’m not sure how they did that! Plus, other little extras during my 4 day stay were notable. A fresh sprig off the bushes outside my door sat on my pillow or towel when they prepared my room. And my remote control was always on my bed when I returned to my room. When I walked onto the beach, the attendant would open up his cooler and bring me an ice water and a towel.
  4. Last Impressions – My entire stay was incredible. People were nice, friendly and accommodating. When they picked up my luggage for my drive back to the airport, they had a personalized luggage tag attached to it when I arrived at the airport. The receipt for my stay was in a simple, yet elegant, heavy-weight folder which contained a flyer about the hotel. When I left the checkout desk, the hostess waved and said “May your next trip be here”. Wow.

I know what you’re thinking, they can afford to do all that! But take a look back and notice all these little things don’t cost very much. And most are free! That’s the power of the “little things”.

What are you doing for your clients and customers?
Think of something you can do (for free) that will take a little effort, but pay off in a huge way! Your customers will appreciate it!

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