4000 Calorie Lesson.

Please don’t judge me; but I recently sat down with my wife at a new sports restaurant in our town. Our friendly waitress approached us with the menus. Then introduced us to their Football Appetizer Platter.

Jalapeno Poppers. Fresh Fried Chips. Buffalo Chicken Tenders. Deep-Fried Mushrooms. Battered Mozzasticks.

My mind immediately switched from “eating good” to “eating southern fried delicacies“. It’s the reason why I’m regularly dieting.

My wife and I decided to split the weeks’ worth of calories.

We were so impressed with the friendliness and the ambiance. We even commented that it’s funny how we both noticed the exceptional service”.

Isn’t it amazing how bad service has become the norm at most Restaurants? In fact, the hospitality industry has become “known for” not being that hospitable. It’s sad.

After we dug into the amazing platter; the waitress returned and asked if everything was fine. I had just noticed that there were no Mozzasticks; so I asked about them.

She immediately said, “I’m sorry, I shouldn’t have told you they were on the platter; because they’re not. But don’t worry I’ll get you a complimentary order”.

Of course, since I realized the gazillion calories we were partaking of; I told her that was fine; we didn’t need them. But she insisted and said she wanted to make sure we were happy.

Now that’s what good service is.

Are you known for amazing service? Do you deal with people all the time? It’s hard to break through isn’t it. But everyday you need to do what it takes to keep your congregation, your client-base, your team, happy. Period.

Now, I’m planning on eating better. Seriously.

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