5 Ways to Pray for Your Church Communicator

We need to pray for all ministry leaders in our churches. Prayer catapults the individuals who lead us into the hands of God and allows us to intercede on their behalf. It also helps us understand their weaknesses and enables us to think selflessly about them.

Leaders who are looked after by God are better leaders!

The church communicator ministry role is rapidly growing within local churches. Often these people have been given responsibilities outside of their knowledge and comfort levels. Many of them are people pleasers who want to help make everyone happy in an ever-changing, crazy field of websites, social media, email campaigns and print materials. Gone are the days of a simple bulletin to promote ministries.

Your Church Communicator needs prayer. Here are 5 ways to pray:

  1. For their devotional life. Everyone in ministry is under spiritual attack in order to hurt their effectiveness. We need to pray for the church communicator to strengthen themselves by spending time with the true power source of God’s Word. Most church communicators feel overburdened with time constraints, so pray that they make time to feast on Biblical Truth in order to protect their minds. Working full-time in ministry often fools someone into believing they don’t need to spend personal time working on their spiritual life. Pray they don’t fall for that.
  2. For the ability to successfully juggle projects. The church communicator in an average church has many people to keep happy. They constantly juggle requests from each ministry to communicate their events on many communication mediums. Ultimately every person who clicks on the church website, social media page, or picks up the bulletin, becomes their judgmental boss. The pressure to have everything listed correctly and in a location that’s easily found becomes a burden that weighs on the soul. Many times, the church communicator finds themselves juggling their work in their minds during every waking moment.
  3. That they’ll be a servant leader. A good church communicator needs a seat at the church leadership table. Why? So they can be a humble servant to each ministry present and gently guide their leaders to communicate more effectively in the congregation and community.
  4. For Protection from egotism and low self-esteem. In a creative field, personal esteem is highly involved since there are few absolute rights and wrongs. A talented creative will often swell up with pride as they get encouragement and praise, or they’ll spiral downward with pressures and criticism. Pray for a proper balance.
  5. That they remain an optimistic dreamer. A good communicator needs to ask “what if” questions while understanding the “why” answers. This push and pull can suck the dream out of someone who must rely on their ability to see into the future. Pray that their dreams will be God-given and empowered so that the Kingdom message will expand and be curiously creative.

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