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Church branding experts. Trusted research analysis to identify potential audiences, build a powerful brand, with expert communication coaching at every step. Chiefly, it’s church branding and marketing that points to the Gospel.

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Mark MacDonald, Church Branding Strategist

You need a thread

  • Be known for something relevant and needed (a simple useable phrase or tagline)
  • Controlling your thread gets the community’s attention and calms messaging
  • Creates a simple, useable message for easy word-of-mouth invitation. Great branding is effective evangelism
  • Unifies your entire ministry team. Therefore, it gets everyone on the same page
  • Our award-winning designers couple your thread with a memorable and unique visual. Your Church Logo System becomes your church brand
  • Our creative church marketing coaching helps you launch and maintain your brand. Finally, make your tools more effective

Connect with Your Community.
At Last, Engage Your Congregation.


What’s church branding?



Steps to Our Branding System

Audience Research. Discover who you need to engage. This includes custom demographics, eye-opening focus groups, and mystery visit guest experiences. Then describe your congregation and community personas.  more

Church Branding Retreat. Discover a thread during an eye-opening leadership retreat. Discover research, thread, and strategy. The fastest way to a church rebrand! To sum it up, it unifies ministry teams!  more

Ministry Logo Suite. Be proud of your visual branding wrapper. Our award-winning designers create a professional church logo system for your ministries; at last, you get a branding style guide for practical logo control.  more

Ongoing Coaching Retainer. Wisely launch and use your branding. The launch, team goals, and communication strategy to have a better website, social media, emails (that are read), and print. SEO coaching too!  more

Or Custom-Build a Branding Project

Tell us what’s needed. If you don’t need the complete Be Known For Something® System? No problem. As a well known church marketing company, in conclusion, we can customize a project and include everything your church needs.   more

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